Is The Balloon Really Red?

Here is an awesome way to see the problem of relativism. Is this balloon really red?

Everyone holds to universal truth on some level even if they believe in complete relativism. If a person believes that all truth is relative, what they really believe is that the only universal truth is that there is no truth. This is a logical contradiction. No man can escape knowledge and truth even in very denial of them. Learning something different than truth does not mean that truth does not exist. I may learn that 2+1=4, but I am wrong. It is not a matter of perspective. It is logically impossible! How could anyone not see the importance of this issue. Truth is the very essence of existence. Because without truth, we would not exist because our very existence would be relative. How then would I be able to stop a person from committing suicide? How would I even be able to say he is committing suicide? It would simply be my perspective.

Many people call themselves ‘relative activists.’ They believe morality is relative yet they push for civil rights and such. This is a contradiction. If a person believes in civil rights and human dignity that transcend the government, then they believe in universal truth and morality. In this case, God is the source of those rights and dignity. If civil rights and human dignity are not real until they are given from the government, then why should we even fight for them. You are fighting for something that does not exist. Let me give a real historical example. Did the slaves have rights and dignity before acknowledged by the government? If so, then relativism could not be true. If they did not have dignity, worth, or rights before issued to them by the government, then why did we fight such a bloody war and go through such tough times in the 60’s to bring equality? It would have been for no real purpose. The abolitionists of the civil war were stirred by Christian pastors who proclaimed that the black community was being denied their GOD-GIVEN EQUALITY AND RIGHTS. This was something the North felt was worth dying for. This was something the Christian pastor, Martin Luther King Jr., was willing to deal with death threats over and was eventually assassinated over. Humans were denying truth but not just any truth. They were denying God-given truth.

Am I being intolerant of relativist? According to today’s idea of ‘tolerance’, which is that you must accept all views as true, I am not be tolerant. According to the actual definition of ‘tolerance’, which is putting up with error and what is disagreeable in a civilized manner, I am tolerant of their view. Just because I am saying that their view is wrong is not judgmental. Real judging is thinking that you are morally superior to another person. I am no better then them, but neither of us can change the truth that truth does exist.


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