Hate and Openness

Last week, I interviewed Wayne Besen for a school article which went very well. Anyways, I was looking at his blog (well his organization’s blog) today (I was hesitant to put the link on but there you go) and they had an article by Evan Hurst about a new survey which claims that more Democratic communities have less teen suicides and suicide attempts (both straight and gay). He says on the post, “[The Religious Right is] not just hurting gay kids, which is their goal, but also straight kids.” Now let me clear up something before going ahead. I could care less about who is right, Democrats and Republicans. I want truth and sometimes Republicans are wrong, and sometimes Democrats are wrong. My political view goes after “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, and whatever is commendable.” So he is right in some ways about there being less suicide and depression in liberal communities, but that has more to do with them being open to talk about their issues not really about being more pro-gay. Liberal communities seems to usually be more open and honest with each other than conservative communities and I think we can learn something from this. It does not mean we have to believe homosexuality is right, but at least make a place that kids and people do not have to be bullied or put on a mask. At times, we want our paradisaical utopia so bad that we push down any problems. Life is messy and we need to admit it. Christians sometimes have a hard time being real with one another. We need to change this.

The problem with the post is that he says that the goal of the “Religious Right” is to “hurt gay teens.” Well, I could care less about the “Religious Right” but I know for certain that neither I nor the true Church are trying to hurt gay teens or the gay community. I love the gay community more than any other group yet I do not love them enough because I want to love them and all people as Jesus would. I would be willing die if I had to in order for them to be saved. I cannot imagine how powerful the Church would be if we had the drive of those individuals in the gay community. If you are gay-identified and think the Church hates you, I cannot speak for self-proclaiming “Christians” but those people who are truly Jesus’ followers do care about you and Christ cares about you more than I could ever explain. If he didn’t care about you that much, He would not have died and taken the sins of the world upon Himself.


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