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“There’s no one in my church that deals with homosexuality”

I think one of the biggest things the enemy has used to keep the Church from ministry in the area of homosexuality is the lie, “No one in our church deals with it so we don’t need to do that kind of ministry.” In relation when churches say things like the comment above, they are unknowingly saying “and we will make sure no one in our congregation will deal with it.” Research shows that one-third of gays and lesbians regularly attend church, going to churches across a wide spectrum of denominations and backgrounds. This means that it is very likely that there are people in your church who secretly deal with homosexuality along with the multiple people who are affected by it as a family member or loved one of a struggler. Surveys also suggest that between 60 and 70 percent of churchgoers know a loved one who has homosexual attractions. As W.P. Campbell said, “If those who experience same-sex attractions don’t sense compassion within us, why would they choose to risk themselves by opening up to us?” When a church decides not do deal with the issue or thinks that other ministries will take care of it, then they leave people to be washed away by a culture without opening up about their attractions.

Ministry to those with same-sex attractions is one of the weakest sections of church ministry. Many churches who have members with SSA send them outside the church to deal with the issue when in fact outside ministries should be sending them to the church for help. This is an area that cannot be left only to those who have dealt with homosexuality. It needs to be embraced by all of the Church. There are people silently suffering in your church who don’t know who they can turn to about their struggles. They need both the truth and grace of Christ. We need to stop being ignorant and begin acknowledging that people in our churches are greatly affected by the issue of homosexuality, whether as friends, family, or strugglers themselves. Yet it is not enough to simply acknowledge that people like this exist because many people acknowledge it and then try to thrown them into some group to shut them up. Ministry begins when we connect the brokenness in our own hearts with the brokenness in the hearts of others. If we could have a humble heart, acknowledging that we don’t know everything about the issue, and then be willing to come along side people and help them through their struggles, we will shine like stars in a dark world.


God & HIV: Closer to the Cure

There was an article of a man who they think may have been ‘functionally cured’ of HIV. I did not read the entire article but apparently he went through an extreme procedure. I pray this really means they have found a cure to help the many, many people affected by it. The issue of HIV/AIDS is one that is very close to my heart. It is not just an issue in the gay community but in the entire world. In many countries where HIV is extremely prevalent, people with it are cast out of society like those in biblical times with leprosy. One Christian I know got to visit such a camp of people affected by HIV that was set up by a group of missionaries to take care of them. He told me that they are so starved for human contact that even simply touching them was like giving a fountain of water to a man in the desert. These people are thought to be below human in the eyes of their society, and still people in our own country wonder if HIV is God’s judgment on people. IT IS NOT! For anyone who thinks HIV is God’s judgment on the gay community, it is ridiculous. God does not reserve punishment for one people and not another. All humans are guilty and deserve judgment. “For God shows no partiality.” (Romans 2:11) HIV just like all other diseases and sicknesses is a product of the fallen world we live in. Therefore, we, as Christians, need to continually pray for those affected by it both for their physical and spiritual health. And we need to go beyond pray when possible, looking for ways we can aid in the endeavor to help those in need. It is not just a job for the missionaries and healthcare workers. All of us are called to help those in need.

Hollywood Biased Against Conservatives? Never!

Of course, the title is a joke because no one can deny such a statement as that which says Hollywood is biased against conservative. I try very hard to stay out of the whole conservative vs. liberal war because I am Christian and neither conservative or liberal. Obviously being a Christian, my views parallel those of the conservative more than liberal. I won’t denied it. Yet, I just had to post something about this article. It talks about a bunch of interviews with TV executives who admit on tape there biased feelings towards conservatives even to the point of refusing to hire them. I have to say that I think this is really ironic because of how much liberals push that conservatives are racist, sexist, and homophobic. Of course, both parties are very prideful. Who isn’t? We all deal with pride as probably the center of the human fallen nature. In the interviews shown, an illogical idea that the more liberal you are, the smarter. Such as one statement by Susan Harris, the creator of “Golden Girls” and “Soap”, saying: “At least, you know, we put Obama in office, and so people, I think, are getting — have gotten — a little bit smarter.” I mean that is a pretty ridiculous statement. I don’t say this because of any disagreement I have with Obama. It would be just as illogical and ignorant for a conservative to have said, “People in our country are getting smarter because Bush was elected twice.” Of course it is not limited to the liberal party. People of all groups act really stupidly. I continually see Christians saying things that just sound ridiculous. Many times I am one of those Christians.

There are two reasons why I decided to post this. First of all, we can complain as much as we want with the current state of Hollywood but it will only begin to change when someone decides that they are not going to let it stay that way. Some people are starting to step up to the plate such as the makers of “Fireproof” and the new movie coming out in September called “Courage”. The second reason is that we as Christians need to make sure we do not gain such an attitude. Everyone falls into it at some point. The first step on the road to humility is realizing how prideful you really are. It is the sin of judgment and pride as you think, “O those awful non-Christians. Well at least we are better than them.” We are not better than them. We are all sinners just the same the only difference is that our sin has been taken away by the Lord Jesus. Praise God.