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Day 4: This is Home


     Cana was our first stop which is where Jesus turned water into wine. It was awesome to hear one of the pastors talk about the symbols of wine and water in Jewish thought. Water being related to physical cleansing and wine related to spiritual. Afterwards, we traveled to Nazareth which features little archeology but a beautiful church commemorating the angel coming to Mary. It is crazy how small Nazareth was at the time of Jesus only having about 200 people living in it. It was awesome though when we sat in the 1st century synagogue that they reconstructed and hear Isaiah 61 read.

     Next on the list was Megiddo which was interesting because most of the finding there were related to King Ahab, and it shows a very different side of him. It shows his intelligent building and bright defense strategies.

     Also, I do have to say that my impression of the Israelis has changed a lot on this trip. They really just want peace. It seems we American Christians are the ones who are continually shouting, “Don’t give back any land!” and such.

     We ended the day driving to Israel, but as was custom in Jesus’ time, we stopped outside the city and entered on foot. Once we saw the Temple Mount, we said three blessings to God as we ate a small cracker and a small cup of grape juice. Our tour guide then explained that after these next few days in Jerusalem, we will not leave the same because the city will change us in a way that cannot be explained in terms. It begins to feel like a sort of home. As we entered the city, we were coming to our spiritual home. I can already tell I am not going to be the same after this trip. I think everyone feels the same way.